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  • “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” - Henry David Thoreau •• #wal...
  • Thank you for having us, @fitchburgstate! Such an awesome day! ☀️🔰 •••• @fitchburgstateadmissions Thank you to the students from Leominster Center for Excellence for visiting today it was such a pleasure to have you on campus!
  • Ms. V’s advisory headed to Boston today to explore the @museumofscience! #leavingtolearn #realworldlearning #fieldtrip @bigpiclearning
  • Meet our newest Intern of the Week, Jaydie! 💕 • Jaydie has spent her senior year interning at the Leominster Parent Information Center (better known here in town as “the PIC”). Jaydie helps the staff with inputting information for student regi...
  • Congratulations to Emma Brassard for being nominated by the faculty for recognition by the Leominster Education Foundation as the LCE Exemplary Employee of the year! Emma is LCE's amazing guidance counselor. Her office provides a special haven for LCE...

Applying to LCE

6 months ago

High school students in Leominster have three great options for their educational experience: Leominster High School, Center for Technical Education Innovation, and the Leominster Center for Excellence. 

LCE is the newest and smallest of these schools, and we have an application process for enrollment. We encourage you to explore our program by setting up a visit or attending our informational open houses. We believe strongly that choice is important and students should be able to find the school/program that is the best match for them.

We accept students in the spring for the following school year, and we establish a wait list as we occasionally have an opening arise during the school year.

After visiting, if you are interested in applying, please complete the attached application and return it to us by email, fax or mail.

Please contact Emma Porell, Guidance Counselor to arrange a visit. (978-596-6323 or

By Carrie Duff

Aplicando a LCE

6 months ago

Estudiantes de secundaria en Leominster tienen tres buenas opciones para una experiencia educacional: Leominster High School, Center for Technical Education y Leominster Center for Excellence.

LCE es la más nueva y pequeña de las tres escuelas, y tenemos un proceso de solicitud para la inscripción. Te invitamos a explorar nuestro programa. Creemos firmemente que tener opciones es importante y los estudiantes deben ser capaz de encontrar la escuela o programa que es mejor para ellos.

Aceptamos estudiantes en la primavera para el siguiente año escolar, y hay una lista de espera, sin embargo; de vez en cuando tenemos espacios durante el año escolar. Después de la visita, si usted está interesado en aplicar, por favor complete la aplicación y regresar a traves de correo electrónico, fax o correo postal.

Por favor póngase en contacto con Emma Brassard, Consejera, para organizar una visita. (978-596-6323 o

La Aplicacion

By Carrie Duff

Superintendent of Schools